Aesthetic/Cosmetic Care in New Jersey

In order to accommodate all the needs of our clients, all three ImmediCenter facilities are also staffed by aesthetic and cosmetic medicine physicians. We understand the need to look and feel your best at every age. Whether you're having problems with a particular skin condition or merely choosing to defy the effects of aging, our team of qualified cosmetic physicians is happy to evaluate the problem and recommend a course of treatment based on the individual needs of each client.
Walk-in clients are welcome and are treated to a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere prior to meeting with one of our qualified, licensed physicians. The beauty treatments that we provide are affordable and noninvasive.
Aesthetic/Cosmetic Care, Family Practice & Urgent Care, ImmediCenter, Clifton, NJ
Men and women desiring to eliminate or minimize deep lines and wrinkles have the option of receiving Botox injections. The serum works by relaxing the muscles beneath the skin, which provides a natural, smoother-looking surface appearance.
Chemical peels have been used for decades and merely entail applying a chemical solution to the skin for a brief period of time. In two to three days, the uppermost skin layer sheds. This safe and painless procedure remains an effective means of rejuvenating skin.

As skin ages, there is a gradual loss of moisture and hyaluronic acid along with subdermal padding, which allows skin to fold and wrinkle. Juvéderm XC and similar gel fillers revitalize appearance by returning hydration while filling in the spaces.
ImmediCenter's cosmetic physicians also have a solution for men and women suffering from sparse or missing eyelashes. Latisse solution was approved by the FDA for the treatment of hypotrichosis. The medication encourages darker, longer and thicker eyelash development and growth.

Aesthetic practitioners can also provide a wealth of information concerning health and beauty tips that can be continued in the privacy of your home. Learn more about what treatments are helpful and which ones can actually irritate or damage the skin.
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